Are you creative?

Whether it’s photography, curation, drawing, music making, video editing, baking, building sand castles or creating the menu for dinner tonight, or business and dancing and adding topping to your pizza order, it’s likely we agree: you’re creative. We humans are lucky that way, somehow we’re wired so.

What we do with our creativity to make our lives better, as in ordering the pizza, it the big questions we each face every day. In addition to improving our personal lives, our creativity can be applied, and often is, to your close social group, business and other spheres too, to benefit broad swaths of humans.

Experimentation catalyzes and advances societies…

Here’s where it gets interesting. Humans are good with ideas, often the first step is speculating what it is you’d like to end up with, then working through the details for how to realize our quests. We’re keen on experimentation because without it economies would suffer. Quality of life wouldn’t improve. We’d all miss out the fun and rewards of what our imaginations can do to help human kind.

Making the world a better place…

In this space here at we’re bringing together people, their ideas, ambitions, quests and other things our big human brains enjoy.

The™ service comprises news, vehicles for learning, discussions, invitations, meetings, search, earning, marketing, planning, organizing and other opportunities related to individual, group, enterprise and societal advancement.

When you’re ready to participate…

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Nota Bene

The service is not affiliated with any other entity with the word “bauhaus” in its name, marks or description. Robert Desideri provides thoughts and experiments related to art, education and society for your pleasure, thought exercises and entertainment.