Thanks to the creativity each and every humans is capable of, plus the recent developments in the passion economy and crypto-tokens, the world’s entering a new Era Of Wellbeing.

Creativity drives human economic, intellectual and physical wellbeing. Full stop. Applying your creativity, whether in social situations, business or other spheres, benefits broad swaths of humanity directly, and through follow-on effects down the line.

The™ community is global, remote, and asynchronous, here to help share ideas and get stuff done both here online and locally in your area, specifically for improving quality of life. Opportunities abound for improving human wellbeing, is the human network and infrastructure for accomplishing such magic.

We’re All Gonna Make It.

Use Your Bauhaus Wallet To Access The Era Of Wellbeing

Communicating ideas and plans effectively assists individuals and societies in their quests for building better tomorrows. What’s the best way for humans to invest their time?

Generally, the first step is speculating what it is one would like to achieve, meaning the end result. Working back from there, we discover the steps or pathways for actualizations.

Discussion is a method for refinement of ideas as well as a means for establishing consensus. Like™, most communities function more smoothly when the membership is aligned in their thinking.

We’re an organization comprising humans, formulated as a decentralized network. Awesomely autonomous is how we roll. We live across the world, are culturally diverse, and are, thanks to human nature, social.

And we’re creative in ways that bring wellbeing into lives across the globe. We’re individuals, groups and businesses thinking and doing.

Creativity, including photography, design, curation, drawing, dancing, video, writing, engineering or manufacturing goods and services, baking, building sand castles at the beach, and more, is how we help ourselves and the other humans in the community… and around us too.

It’s likely if you’re doing any of the above activities, or have ideas for creating, you’re creative too and you could enjoy what’s happening here. It’s said humankind’s wired for creativity, enabling civilization to progress to where we are today. It’s one really good reason to join the community, there are others too.

DAO Communities, Architecture & Governance

Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAO) are typically high-transparency communities. Generally, they create governance models for and by the membership. DAO members establish ‘social compact’ that can be thought of as rules-based procedures for the community.

Social compacts are intended in good faith to be broadly beneficial to the community. These procedures and house rules may be implemented as Smart Contracts, a method for automating, or making autonomous, decentralized organizations.

Membership and governance are both achieved via design architectures comprising one or more tokens. Both fungible and Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT) are utilized for managing member-related services.

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Extend Your Human Network Into The Metaverse

In this ideation and discussion space, and soon elsewhere too, further™ online and IRL services for bringing together minds, ideas, ambitions, and quests will be shared.

These services comprise community, news, vehicles for learning, discussions and new means for creatively discussing, invitations, meetings, search, streaming, earning opportunities, and tools for ideation, marketing, planning, organizing for individuals, groups and businesses.

Here For You

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Opportunities for creating, designing, decentralized (a/k/a remote) work, advisory and other expert roles, new online and IRL experiences, sharing and caring and sometimes just listening, watching and sharing your opinion will be shared, and you’ll be invited to share yours too.

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Nota Bene

The™ services and community are not affiliated with any other entity with the word “bauhaus” in their name, marks or description, meaning we’re not related to any purveyors of pet supplies, bands, museums, manufacturers, wholesalers, retailers, construction companies, clothing, or anyone in the food or beverages industries, so if you’re looking for something like that or are just bored and have watched video on the internet perhaps look to a search engine or other directory. Always check for specifically the™, BauhausTokens™ and BauhausDAO™ marks to ensure you’re connecting with this community and our services, across the world. Our mission is to improve the quality of life and enjoy the benefits of our collective creativity. Robert Desideri enables this community and its services and experiments, including ideation, creativity, growth, education, tokenomics, economic improvement and other practices. For society and your pleasure, add your email addy to the FREE subscription service to receive a invitations and news updates. Thank you.