Era Of Wellbeing

We're All Gonna Make It

Society’s witnessing an acceleration of wellbeing growth.

Experts in economics, online development and the metaverse are writing about and financing ideas and projects utilizing what’s universally called ‘web3’ in the WAGMI community.

The approaching Era Of Wellbeing is literally at our fingertips, for example anyone seeking to earn a little bit of extra income now reaches for the Internet and through entertaining games does what’s now being called play-to-earn.

The new era is very much appreciative of artists creating digital art and collectors, thanks to clever web3 developers discovering ways to buy and sell directly utilizinc virtual currencies is facilitated. Same for initial purchases with fiat (traditional) money such as UD Dollars. And there’s more. Communities are forming around art projects, some of which reach into adjacent fields of art, for example Fan Fic.

It’s happening. And what’s cool is anyone on planet Earth can participate and benefit, assuming of course you enjoy one or more of: creativity; building; collecting; gaming; investing; coding; drawing; puzzles; ideating; experimenting; etc.

It’s still very early, you’re entering an era that’s just being formed, where the participants, people like all of us in the community, are part of the design process.